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Astrological remedies can open many ways for your Successes

Creat Free Kundli


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He is one of India’s top Astrologers. His accuracy and knowledge of remedial astrology stands him out of the crowed. Many Politicians, Businessmen and Bollywood celebrity follows him blindly.

Vedic Consultation, Modern Vastu Remedies, Manual Life Report, Palmistry & Kundali Analysis is the subject of his specialty. With profound knowledge of Astrology he has a golden heart too. He runs astrology camps every Tuesday with consultation fee Rs 51 only for needy and poor people.

why Shubhgehna


High rate of satisfied client and still counting

Effective Remedy

Original, Scientifically certified and Energized

Natural Gemstones

Non Treated, Fresh Gemstones & Energized

Fast Delivery

4-5 days in India and a week for abroad

We Care

for privacy, Quality & Effectiveness


Client oriented support

our services



All Type of natural, effective energized Gemstones with lab certificate.

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The Original Rudraksha, Nepali and Java seeds are also available.

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Horoscope Analysis, Gemstone Consultation and More by experience Astrologer.

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Vastu Consultation

Modern remedies for Vastu Correction and site visit.

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Manual Reports

Manual reports are more accurate and specially for you.

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Homam and Pujas are very effective for blessing. We arrange for you in guidance

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Daily Planetary Overview

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