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Amethyst Stone


It is also known as Katella in Hindi. It is also known as Jamuniya due to Purple in color. Amethyst is maximally using as Blue Sapphire sub stone. Because it effective and beautiful as Blue Sapphire.

This is found in Brazil and Africa.

Scientific Character:

This belongs to Quartz group which is purple in color. Its physical property matches to quartz.

Vedic Astrology and Amethyst:

Amethyst is wear as sub stone of Blue sapphire. Is person effect by planet Saturn and he want to come out, but at the same time according to their birth chart not allow him to wear Blue Sapphire than Amethyst is as option wear.

If some people not capable of wearing Blue Sapphire due to its higher cost than is suggests to wear Amethyst.

Western Astrology and Amethyst:

This is stone is related to people who born on December. This stone is very famous in western astrology and wear for respect, praising, power and truth.

Who can wear:

The person who want to good benefit of Planet Saturn and not able to wear Blue Sapphire Gemstone,

This is also wear for protection of Sadesaati or Dhayya.

This is wear in place of Blue Sapphire.

What weight should wear: 

One should wear 10th part of body weight or anything more then 6 carat is beneficial.

Precaution before purchase of Amethyst:

Benefit of Amethyst:

According to Vedic Astrology Amethyst will have same effect as Blue Sapphire does only intensity will be little lesser.

Social respect:

Due to good effect of planet Saturn your prestige in society will increase. Among people you will famous as justice lover, and value of your words increases.

Higher post:

Lord Saturn is responsible for achieving higher post in any stage of life.


Lord Saturn is owner of many things present in common life. If Lord Saturn is good then person never goes scanty of anything. He can acquire anything of his need, and life can spend without any difficulty.

Complete reward of you effort:

Lord Saturn is the Lord of justice and therefore wearer of Blue Sapphire get rewarded of their effort. Whatever he does in his life for good cause off course he does not fail.

Healthy and disease free body:

Lord Saturn is associated with human body, therefore good effect of lord Saturn makes strong bone to the wearer of Blue Sapphire.

Strong Determination and Positivity:

One will get their destination very easily if their birth chart possesses Lord Venus in good position. Laziness and tiredness not even touch them and feeling of strong determination inculcate. They perform every work with positive frame of mind therefore they succeed and become famous.

Amethyst on the basis of Genesis:

Real Amethyst is found in many countries like Afghanistan, Egypt etc. Its price ranges from 300 per carat to 3000 per carat.