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Cats Eye Stone


In hindi it is also known as Lehsuniya. This belongs to Ketu Planet. Cats eye stone always wear with consultation with good astrologer because Ketu is rogue Planet.

Scientific Structure:

Cats eye belong to group of Aluminum. Beryllium is present in there structure. This is because a white line appears in stone. This is third toughest stone after sapphire and diamond.

Vedic Astrology and Cats Eye:

In Vedic Astrology Ketu is incomplete Planet and their effect also incomplete. Bad effect of Ketu Planet gives health problem. If Astrologer assume that this problem is occur due to Ketu than he suggest to wear Cats Eye.

Bad effect is also responsible for Poverty. On the position of Ketu if Cats eye should wear if financial loss occurs.

Western Astrology and Cats Eye:

According to western Astrology Cats eye is stone of June month. Person born June month is very lucky for them. This is also use as healing stone.

Who can wear:

This is ketu planet stone such people who facing problem due to bad effect of Ketu they should wear.

Ketu’s Mahadasha and antardasha solve by using Cats eye.

What weight should wear:

Cats eye is very effective Gemstone. Astrologer suggest to wear 10th part of body weight. Astrological Science also said one should wear at least 5.25 ratti of Cats eye. If you have good quality Cats eye you can wear lower weight also.

Precaution Before purchase Cats Eye:

Benefits of Cats Eye:

Benefit of wearing this gemstone related with Ketu planet.

For concentration of Money:

Person who earn more but not able to concentrate money, they should definetly wear Cats eye.

For high Standard Living:

Ketu elevate standard of living of person. Its create a dominant aura to wearer. Such people meet other effectively.

Loss of fear:

Ketu diminish all fear. It dissolve all fear related to death. And person become fearless.

Diminish fear bad soul:

Wearing Cats eye remove all fear of bad soul.

Cats eye on the Basis of Genesis:

Market has specially three types of Cats eye.

Sri Lankan Cats Eye: These are very expensive and beautiful. These Cats eye transparent and seems like green color is filled in it. In Indian market it start from 1000/ carat and goes upto 150000/ Carat.

African Cats Eye: These are light Brown or green in color. This African Cats eye in Indian market comes from 600/ carat to which goes upto 10000 / carat

Indian Cats Eye: These looks like Dark black in color but when you see it through light it looks like red in color. Some astrologist considers it more effective due to less in prize its marketing is not as above two. Its prize start from 200/ carat and goes upto 7000 per carat.