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Diamond Stone


It is also called Heera in Hindi. This is related to planet Venus and main stone of planet Venus. But if you want to get astrological effective then Diamond should be 1 carat in weight. Small piece of Diamond will not be sufficient.

Scientific structure:

Diamond is carbon isotopes and hardest mineral known. Diamond neither break nor get scratches.

Vedic Astrology and Diamond:

In Vedic Astrology Diamond is stone of planet Venus. Diamond is wear to get pleasurable effect of Planet of Venus. Planet Venus is a planet of beauty and materialistic pleasure.

Venus give physical pleasure and in male it is responsible for marriage. therefore to get positive effect of Venus Diamond is advise to wear.

This stone is responsible to increase beauty in people and other people itself get attracted towards them.

Western Astrology and Diamond:

This is April month birthstone. In Western Astrology it is wear for materialistic gain.

Who can wear:

This is stone of Venus planet. Venus is responsible for beauty, name, fame and planet of love. This planet allows to get all kind of physical pleasure. Therefore to get materialistic pleasure allows you to wear Real Diamond.

If Mahadasha or Antardasha of Planet Venus occurs then wearing Diamond is beneficial.

What weight should wear:

Diamond is tremendous effective and most beautiful stone therefore at least one carat of diamond should wear. More then 1 carat can be wear if ones pocket allow.

If you want to wear for astrological benefit then at least 1 carat of diamond should wear.

Precaution before purchase of Diamond:

Benefit of Diamond:

If according to position of Venus planet astrologer suggests to wear Diamond then it will definitely give positive effect to the wearer. Moreover id it is wear without the consultation of Astrologer then it never harm to the wearer.

Increase in Materialistic Pleasure:

Due to strong planet Venus, wearer always enjoys physical or materialistic pleasure. Grand home, servants, big car, stays in hotel, dining in 5 star hotels; these are effects of wearing of Diamond.

Famous in Media or in Art:

Wearing Diamond is very useful for carrier in Media, Arts, glamour etc.

Happily Married Life:

Due to Venus stone it is responsible for the happy married life. Couple respect each other make strong relationship.

Diamond on the Basis of Genesis:

Diamond is known for it cut and clarity not for origin. There price start from 45000 per carat to 20 lakh per carat or more than that.