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Char Mukhi or Four Face Rudraksha for Gemini & Virgo

    Blessings of Mercury


Four Face Rudraksha, i.e. Four Mukhi Rudraksha is one of the most Common Rudraksha. Nepali four mukhi rudrakhsha is easily available. Indonesian four mukhi rudrakhsha are smaller in size and used for making malas.
Four Mukhi Rudraksha are blessed with the Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma in hindu mythology considered is lord of creation. Wearer of 4 mukhi rudraksha transform himself in totally new personalities and assumes himself like he take second birth.
Anyone who wears 4 mukhi rudraksha make himself more intelligent and more conscious and his wittiness impresses his surroundings. They become more knowledgeable and their eyes shine with confidence.

Planet- mercury
 Lord – Brahma
Chant - ऊं ह्रीं नम:
Zodiac- Gemini  and Virgo
Wearing Day- Wednesday

Benefits :

Who Can Wear:-

Wearing method:-

Four mukhi rudraksha should always wear after ritual process of energization. Energization of 4 Mukhi rudraksha done after recite of mantra related to planet mercury.

How can wear:-

This rudraksha can be wear as single bead, or in silver pendent. 4 mukhi rudraksha also wear as rudrkasha mala.