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Garnet Stone


This is sub stone of planet Sun and dark red in color. In Hindi knows as Raktmani and in urdu known as Yakub.

Scientific structure:

These are primarily made up of calcium and aluminum. They are known as calcium aluminum silicate. On the basis of origin they are either brownish red yellow in color.

Vedic astrology and Garnet:

This is known as sun sub stone according to Vedic Astrology. This gemstone is use to wear good result of planet sun.

It is found that person who wears Garnet stone they develop leadership quality.

To normalize effect of sun it is advice to wear original Garnet stone.

Western Astrology and Garnet:

This is considered as January stone according western culture. This sub stone is considered to be lucky for the person who born in January. Garnet is use to wear to avoid and kind of bad habit in western countries.

Who can wear:

If Mahadasha or Antardasha of sun then this is stone is suggest to wear. And if you feel in society your place is become derogatory then use this stone before giving second thought.

If you want any kind of sun benefit and are unable to wear ruby gem. Then Garnet stone is perfect for you.

What weight should wear:

Garnet should wear 10th part of body weight.

Precaution before purchase of Garnet:

Benefits of Garnet:

If after consultation of experienced astrologer Garnet stone is wear than it shows their effect very soon.

Increase in leadership capability:

Sun is responsible for leadership. So such worn in which leadership is demanding than real Garnet is very useful stone.

To get government Job:

For government job one should have very strong position of sun in birth chart, if not then such person should wear garnet.

Social and economic field:

In social life wearer of garnet becomes strong and influential while they develop in economic field.

Health Improvement:

It has been seen that people recover more rapidly if they wear garnet stone. Wearer of original Garnet Stone always will away from disease.

Garnet on the Basis of Genesis:

Brazilian Garnet are most beautiful their prizes ranges from 300/ carat to 1000/ carat.