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Lapis Lazuli Stone


In hindi it is also called Laazvart. It is dark blue. Apart from other stone it looks like stone in appearance. It is look more mesmerizing along with golden strip on blue color. Lapis Lazuli is known to use far 7 million BC.

Scientific structure:

Scientifically it is a metamorphic rock. It is abundant in Iron and magnesium and dark blue in color.

Vedic Astrology and Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis Lazuli is use as sub stone of Blue Sapphire. This stone balance the effect of Saturn. It protect from bad effect of lord Saturn.

Western Astrology and Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis Lazuli considered as birthstone for people who born in September month, according to western astrology. It is stone of respect, truth and power in western astrology.

Who can wear:

Those entire person who want to good result of Saturn and somehow not able to acquire Blue Sapphire should wear Lapis Lazuli.

Apart from that it is wear to reduce effect of Mahadasha-Antardasha or Sade saati or Dhayya effect of Lord Saturn.

It is wear as replace stone of Blue Sapphire.

What weight should wear:

Anything above then 6 carat or 10th part of body weight will be sufficient.

Precaution before purchase of Lapis Lazuli:

Benefit of Lapis Lazuli:

According to Vedic Astrology you will get same benefit of Lapis Lazuli as you would get in Blue Sapphire. But intensity would be lower.

Social Prestige:

Your social status and prestige increase multifold due to effect of Lord Saturn. People recognize you as a person who loves justice. Your importance will increase between your surroundings.

Provide high Status:

One get promoted or in commanding position due to blessing of Saturn.


Lord Saturn is owner of many things present in common life. If Lord Saturn is     good then person never goes scanty of anything. He can acquire anything of his need, and life can spend without any difficulty.

Total reward of you effort:

Lord Saturn is the Lord of justice and therefore wearer of Lapis Lazuli get rewarded of their effort. Whatever he does in his life for good cause off course he does not fail.

Healthy and disease free body:

Lord Saturn is associated with human body, therefore good effect of lord Saturn makes strong bone to the wearer of Lapis Lazuli.

Strong Determination and Positivity:

One will get their destination very easily if their birth chart possesses Lord Venus in good position. Laziness and tiredness not even touch them and feeling of strong determination inculcate. They perform every work with positive frame of mind therefore they succeed and become famous.

Lapis Lazuli on the basis of Genesis:

Lapis Lazuli find mainly in Afghanistan and Egypt. In Indian market it prices ranges from 300/- per carat to 2500/- carat