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Pearl Stone


It is also called Moti in Hindi. This is related to Planet Moon. Pearl is cultured and naturally it is come from oyster.

Scientific structure:

Pearl chemically is calcium carbonate. Naturally it is made up of oyster inside ocean. Because of its growing demand culture of pearl also occurs.

Vedic Astrology and Pearl:

In Vedic Astrology Moon Consider very important Planet and Pearl is gemstone of Planet Moon. Pearl use to wear gets good result of planet moon. Planet Moon is responsible for Mind and concentration.

Vedic Astrology consider Moon very important planet. Zodiac sign of a person is decide by the position of Moon on Birth Chart. According to Vedic Astrology Moon decide character, thought, and mental condition of children.

It is seen that children after birth become diseased then in his birth chart Moon is malafide.

Western Astrology and Pearl:

In western Astrology Moon is consider to stone of Month June. This is lucky stone who born in the month of june. This is advisiable from western astrologer as healing stone or is one suffering from mental disturbance.

It is useful for Mahadasha or Antardasha of Moon.

If it Moon is in good house still you not getting complete benefit then Pearl should wear.

What weight should wear:

Pearl is very effective Gemstone. Astrologer suggest to wear 10th part of body weight. Astrological Science also said one should wear at least 5.25 ratti of Pearl. If you have good quality Pearl you can wear lower weight also.

Precaution Before purchase Pearl:

Benefits of Pearl:

People have limited knowledge to fresh water real Pearl and real Pearl.

Peaceful mind and brain:

Wearing Pearl make mind calm and peaceful. Person doesn’t take instant decision aggressively. And keep his mind quite.


Person who earn more but not able to concentrate money, they should definitely wear Pearl.

For Children:

Children until 14 year remain under the influence of Moon. Therefore children in which Moon is in good place they will good in study and sports. But children whose Moon are malafide they face problem in study and adolescent become struggling phase for them. Therefore it is advisable for wearing Pearl for such children.

Pearl on the basis of genesis:

Market has three type of Pearl, the most pure pearl is Basara Pearl and on second is South Sea Pearl, and last one is Chinese pearl.

Basara Pearl : These Pearl is directly form in ocean via natural process. This is known as Basara Pearl. These are very less in number and hence too much expensive. Their price ranges from 30,000/- per carat to goes up 2,00,000/- per carat and sometimes more than that. Their price depends on demand and availability.

South Sea Pearl: This is also called dakshini sagar moti, they are abundant in market and round in shape. These also called salt water pearl. These pearl are equally effective. Their price ranges from 500/- per carat to 5000/- carat.

Fresh water Pearl: Due to higher in demand Pearl is cultivated in fresh water. In this procedure in a pond oyster is allow to survive in which pearl is form. This is also called Chinese pearl. These are cheapest and prices ranges from 20/- per carat to 500/- carat.