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Peridot Stone


In Hindi it is known as Peridot too. This is stone of pious Planet Mercury. This is mostly wear for it positive effect. This is very beautiful green color stone. This look life crystal and very beautiful luster come out.

Scientific Structure:

Peridot comes under Olivian minerals group. this is range from yellow to olive green.

Vedic Astrology and Peridot:

According to Vedic Astrology Peridot give combined effect of both Mercury and Venus planet. specially it is advisavle to wear as Planet Mercury sub stone.

This is planet mercury sub stone therefore it wear for increase your intellect and presentation power with need to consultation with Astrologer.

Western Astrology and Peridot:

According to western astrology this is august born gemstone. In western Astrology this is considered as very effective healing stone. This tradition also present in Egypt. People of Egypt consider this as gift of sun.

Who can wear:

This is sub stone of mercury planet. if your work is realted to planet mercury like calculation, trading, accounting than it is preferable stone for you.

If one suffer from Mahadasha or Antardasha of planet Mercury than this can also wear in place of Emerald.

Wearing Peridot one became farsightedness and take good decision and perform their every work nicely.

What weight should Wear:

Peridot should wear 10th part of your body weight. If you are 70 in kilogram then you should wear 7 ratti of Peridot.

Precaution Before purchase Peridot:

Benefits of Peridot:

Peridot provides best and effective result. This is wear to get good result of Planet Mercury.

Increase Creativity:

Mercury is responsible for Intellectuality and he performs every work differently and insure work done in time. Peridot makes people quick witted. Therefore people relared to job like sales, performing arts and lawyer should wear this stone with giving any second thought.

Make Farsightedness:

This is perfect stone for businessman.  Wearing this make people farsightedness and take right decision. And live with satisfaction with their work.

Make Intelligent:

Wearing Peridot make people Intelligent. Person will be powerful in calculation.

Improve Lifestyle:

Peridot ring wearer always takes into consideration, how people think about themselves. They improve their lifestyle for betterment to stay in society and such people followed by the people.

Improve Sixth Sense:

Wearer of Peridot improves their sixth sense. Such people thinking and decision power much better than others.

Peridot on the Basis of Genesis:

Peridot is found in America, Brazil and Mexico. Commonly these place Peridot present in market. On the basis of beauty, real Peridot ranges from 350 per carat to 2500 per carat.