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Pitambari Blue Sapphire


In Hindi it is also known as Pitambari Neelam. It is rare combination when both Yellow and blue color visible on the same Sapphire gemstone than they termed as Pitambari Blue sapphire. Pitambari Blue Sapphire origin and property similar to individual blue sapphire.

Pitambari Blue Sapphire is found in Sri Lanka. Kashmiri Pitambari Blue Sapphire is very rare.

Scientific Structure:

They are similar to common Blue Sapphire.

Vedic Astrology and Pitambari Blue Sapphire:

According to Vedic Astrology Pitambari Blue Sapphire consider to show very good and early effect of both Saturn and Jupiter Planet. Like Blue Sapphire and Pitambari Sapphire this gemstone also wear after consultation with good and experienced Astrologer.

Western Astrology and Pitambari Blue Sapphire:

This is gemstone for the person who born on September. This is very rare gemstone therefore western people wear it.

Who can wear:

This is advisable by astrologer in very rare situation. Commonly this is wear for getting Jupiter and Saturn good effect.

What weight of Pitambari Blue Sapphire should be wear:

By convention it is believe that Energized Pitambari Blue Sapphire  is very powerful gemstone, therefore some astrologer ask to wear 12th part of body weight or some say 10th part. Our astrological science also says one should wear more than 5.25 ratti. If low weight of High grade Pitambari Blue Sapphire is wear it will be equally effective.

Precaution before purchase of Pitambari Blue Sapphire:

Benefits of Pitambari Blue Sapphire:

Wearers of Pitambari Blue Sapphire will get benefit both Jupiter and Saturn planet.

You will be known by high officials by wearing Pitambari Sapphire. You will be welcomed by every big event. People will get all prosperity and complete their desire.

Pitambari Blue Sapphire on the basis of genesis:

Kashmiri Pitambari Blue Sapphire: These are rare like Kashmiri Blue Sapphire and prices 2 to 3 times of Kashmiri Blue sapphire. Collection interested people usually retain them.

Sri Lankan Pitambari Blue Sapphire: Commonly Sri Lankan Pitambari Blue Sapphire price start from 3500 per carat and upper limit go beyond and amount.