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Ruby Stone


In Hindi it is also known as Manik. Ruby is stone of king of planet i.e. Sun. Ruby is bloody red in color. They are very expensive gemstone.

Scientific Structure:

Ruby come under corundum group. Their red color is due to presence of Chromium element. On the scale of hardness that number is 9.

Vedic Astrology and Ruby:

In Vedic Astrology Ruby considered as Sun Gemstone. Ruby is wear to get good benefit of planet Sun. This stone belong to king of all planet which nourishes all planet from his energy.

Therefore it is found that wearer of Ruby gemstone inculcate leadership ability and perform his all duty with responsibility. Sun energy is neccesory for all planet still it is place under rogue planet.

Ruby belong to Leo zodiac sigh therefore it is also called Leo gemstone. It is advisable to consult with experienced astrologer before wearing Ruby Gemstone.

Western Astrology and Ruby:

According to western Astrology people who born on July, Ruby there Birthstone.

Who can wear:

This is stone of Sun which is responsible for courage and leadership. So people who wish to be part of politicas or one want to achieve higher position at their work place, Ruby gemstone should wear.

People who are preparing for government job or soon to face interview they should wear Ruby Gemstone.

Ongoing Mahadasha or Antardasha of Sun can be diminish by wearing Ruby gemstone.

If you feel that your social status is not up to mark and want to elevate then with any wait you should wear real Ruby Gemstone.

What weight of Ruby should be wear:

By convention it is believe that Energized Ruby is very powerful gemstone, therefore some astrologer ask to wear 12th part of body weight or some say 10th part. Our astrological science also says one should wear more than 5.25 ratti. If low weight of High grade Ruby is wear it will be equally effective.

Precaution before purchase of Ruby:

Benefits of Ruby:

After consulting with experienced astrologer and according to birth chart if one wear Ruby Gemstone then they show their effect rapidly.

Increase Leadership Quality:

Sun is cause of leadership. If in birth chart Sun position is strong and give beneficial effect then people become great leader from day one. If you desire to become a politician then know your Sun position in birth chart.

Government Job:

To get government job person sun position should be strong. If there sun position is strong then they definitely become part of government. Wearing Ruby can increase chance to get government job multifold.

Social and economic Field:

Make stronger and influential in social field and benefitted in economic field.

Health benefit:

Wearing Ruby can improve health status rapidly. And infectious disease can be cured.

Good relation with Father:

From the Vedic time Sun symbolized as father. Therefore to make strong Sun by wearing Ruby one can make good and cardinal relation with his father.

Ruby on the basis of Genesis:

Ruby found in Burma, Mozambique, Afghanistan and India. But Old Burma Ruby is more expansive then any other places.

Burma Ruby:

Old Burma Ruby is dark pink in color. Due to high demand and less availability they are very expensive. Their price start from 25000 per carat to 5 lakh per carat. No doubt they are astrologically effective.

New Burma Ruby is also find here. Their color is red to pink. Their price start from 600 per carat to 5000 per carat or more than that.

Mozambique Ruby:

On the basis of beauty Mozambique Ruby is much prettier then Old Burma Ruby. They are shining Red in color. On the basis of their beauty they are 5000 per carat to 2 lakh per carat.

Indian Ruby:

They are lesser beautiful among all Ruby, dark red in color and lesser in price too. Their color is light pink to dark red. Their prices start from 200 per carat to 2500 per carat. But good thing is this Ruby also Astrologically effective.

Due to lesser in demand and higher in availability their chance of duplication is almost nil.