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10 Mukhi or Ten Face Rudraksha


10 Face Rudraksha i.e. 10 mukhi rudraksha is oval or round in shape. Lord Vishnu incarnate their blessing to dus mukhi rudrakhsa. 10 mukhi rudraksha represent 10 birth of lord Vishnu which remove all negative energies spread happiness occur to wearer.

Wearing of ten mukhi rudraksha eliminate suffering from all nine planets which are malefic. 10 mukhi rudrakhsa has blessing of several god like Vishnu, yamraj, kartikeya etc. so it is considered as very powerful.

If any one having vastu dosh in their kundali 10 mukhi rudrakhsa is boon for them and they can easily eliminate by wearing this.

Problem of black magic, chasing by ghost can be solve by wearing 10 mukhi rudrakhsa. One who suffer low esteem and diminished self confidence should wear dus mukhi rudrakhsa.

Planet- all planets

Lord – Lord Vishnu

Chant - ऊं ह्रीं नम:

Zodiac- All Rashi

Wearing Day- any day


Who can wear:-

Wearing method :-

Ten mukhi rudraksha should always wear after ritual process of energization. Energization of 10 Mukhi rudraksha done after recite of mantra related to all planet.

How to wear:-

This rudraksha can wear as a single bead or with combination with 9+1 ( 9 ten mukhi rudraksha + 1 one mukhi rudrakhsa ) known as Narayan Kawach , very effective for winning legal dispute.

Complete wearing method will send along with 10 mukhi rudraksha.