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Tiger Eye Stone


They are sub stone and anyone can wear it without any consultation. Because no side effect of Tiger Stone known.

Scientific Structure:

Scientifically this gemstone is deposition of silica. They are found as metamorphic rock. They are found in India, Korea, and Burma. Their mining also occur in South Africa.

Vedic Astrology and Tiger Stone:

Some Astrologer considers it planet Sun sub stone, while some consider it both planet Sun and Jupiter sub stone. And apart from that due to presence of yellow strip some Astrologer also suggest to wear this as a cure for malefide Sun and Jupiter.

Western Astrology and Tiger Eye Gemstone:

According to western astrology, Tiger Eye stone is consider as good healing stone. It continusly make energetic body and committed to their work. This gemstone make allow people to struggle and come out as a wining after struggle.

What weight should wear:

Like other stone this is also wear 10th part of body weight. But you can wear it also according to you comfort.

Benefit of wearing Tiger Eye Stone:


There price start from 200 per carat to 800 per carat. It is maximally use in jewelry.