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Turquoise Stone or Firoza Stone


This is also known as Firoza in Hindi. This appears light blue in color or sometime light green in color. Because its healing effect turquoise is wore by famous bolly wood actor Salman Khan.

Scientific Structure:

Scientifically it is metamorphic rock. This is hydrate of sulfate of Copper or aluminum. Original Turquoise colors ranges from light blue to green and variation of color may occur.

Vedic Astrology and Turquoise:

According to Vedic Astrology Turquoise is associated with planet Jupitor. Real Turquoise makes wearer impressive, simple and generous.

Western Astrology and Turquoise:

According to western astrology this stone belong people who born on December. These stone is symbol of power, nobility and power of immortality. In western culture this stone believe to have power of healing.

Who can wear:

Being a sub stone anyone can wear this stone. But in special circumstance it is advisable to consult with astrologer before wear.

It is wear to get good benefits of Planet Jupitor.

This stone also wear for name and fame.

What weight should wear:

10th part of body weight or anything above 6 carat giver positive effect of turquoise.

Precaution before purchase of Turquoise:

Benefits of Turquoise:

Increase self confidence, upgrade social stature and also increase living standard.

If you involve in business transaction then wearing of energized turquoise have magnificent on wearer.

Turquoise on the basis of Genesis:

Iranian turquoise considered as best quality. Their price here in Indian markets ranges from 600/ carat to 4500/ carat or even more. Indian turquoise has lesser in price and ranges around 300/ carat.

Nishapuri turquoise and Iranian turquoise is maximally found in Indian market.