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White Coral


In Hindi it is also called Safed Moonga. These are semi precious gemstone. According to Vedic Literature this organic Gemstone is very beneficial and person benefited of both Mars and Venus planet.

Scientific Structure:

White Coral originally found in seas. This have self life therefore it is counted under Gemstones. It belong to animallia Group of corallidae family they have very good selflife.

Vedic Astrology and White Coral:

According to Vedic Astrology it is stone of Planet Mars. One should wear to get good benefit of planet Mars.

This is sub stone and by nature is very mild. No need of grave discussion before wearing white Coral.

Western Astrology and White Coral:

According to Western Astrology White Coral consider as gemstone of Libra Zodiac sign. Due to organic in nature in western countries it is considered as stone which connect to nature.

This gemstone keep heart peaceful and realization to truth occur to the wearer.

Who can wear:

This wears to get good benefit of Planet Mars and Venus. It can be wear without astrological consultation.

To keep balance health this stone is very useful.

It should wear for concentration and to avoid anger.

What weight of White Coral should wear:

10th part of body weight or you can wear according to you will.

Precaution Before purchase White Coral Stone:

Benefit of white Coral:

Along with giving benefit of Red Coral like good health, energetic body it also make people good leadership quality, mental peace and new way of earning.

White Coral on the basis of genesis:

This procures from only in Italy and Japan.

Italian White Coral: Milky White in color there price start from 300 per carat to 2000 per carat.

Japanese White Coral: Bigger in size and more beautiful then Italian White Coral. In Indian market they are 450 per carat to 3000 per carat or more than that.