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Yellow Sapphire Stone


In Hindi it is also known as Pukhraj. Because of its mesmerizing look and effectiveness it is most widely used gemstone around the world. It yellow reflection can make any one mesmerize. Foreigner use Yellow Sapphire in jewelry but in India it is wear for astrological remedies. Yellow sapphire gives positive effect of Planet Jupiter.

Yellow Sapphire mainly found in Sri Lanka and Bangkok.

Scientific Structure:

Like blue sapphire, Yellow Sapphire also comes under Corundum group. Chemically it is aluminum oxide and some trace element. It is found in yellow and light yellow in color.

Vedic Astrology and Yellow Sapphire:

In Vedic Astrology Jupiter is very pious and important planet. Generally it is advisable to wear to get beneficial effect of lord Jupiter.

For astrological effectiveness Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire considered as very effective. But Bangkok mines Yellow Sapphire also have very good in looking and effectiveness. But Bangkok gem industry known to treatment of stones and enhanced gemstone.

Western Astrology and Yellow Sapphire:

According to western Astrology Yellow Sapphire is stone of Sagittarius. Western countries 45 year are celebrated as yellow Sapphire day. 65thyear of anniversary  known as Sapphire Jubilee.

Who can wear:

Because of good effect of Yellow Sapphire anyone can wear it.

If one suffer from Mahadasha or Antardasha of Jupiter than Astrologers suggest wearing Yellow Sapphire.

People related to religious work, people who recite religious text, physician, doctor, if wear this stone than their social prestige increase exponentially.

If girls not getting their suitable life partner, or any dispute in family life and hurdles in social work than one can get real benefit of this gemstone.

What weight should wear:

Yellow Sapphire is very effective gemstone therefore some astrologer asks to wear 12th part of body weight and some say to wear 10th part of body weight. But one should wear not less than 5.25 ratti of real Yellow Sapphire stone. If Yellow Sapphire is higher quality then it is also favorable to wear lesser amount of weight.

Precaution before purchase of Yellow Sapphire:

Benefit of Yellow Sapphire:

Yellow sapphire wears to get good benefit of lord Jupiter.

Social Prestige:

Jupiter is entitled to prestige and wearer of Yellow Sapphire is gain social prestige. People listen you and follow your words. Always stand with you and never denied your words.

Relation with high Official:

You will be known by high officials by wearing Yellow Sapphire. You will be welcomed by every big event.

Spiritual Pleasure:

Wearing Jupiter stone person tend towards spiritual things. Little effort will lead one towards spiritual pleasure. He will involve in spread knowledge and text of spiritual.

Balance Lifestyle:

Wearer of Yellow Sapphire always concern about their image in other mind. Therefore they will do every right thing in their life so everyone can follow him.

Healthy body and Strong Digestion:

It is said that health will be better if stomach is fine. Jupiter planer is related to our stomach. Wearing Jupiter planet stone i.e. Yellow Sapphire, problem related to stomach will far away. They are also helpful in removing lifestyle disease.

Positive Life:

After wearing Real Yellow Sapphire person read to come out from physical word, he only thinks about his prestige and kindness. This will carry his life toward meaning full task.

Yellow Sapphire on the basis of genesis:

Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire: This is also known as Ceylonese Yellow Sapphire. Presently demand of Ceylonese Yellow Sapphire is great in demand. They are astrologically effective. On the basis of look and beauty they range from 1500 per carat to 40000 per carat sometimes even more.

Bangkok Yellow Sapphire: Bangkok emerges a very big market for gemstones. Here we don’t see any big mines for gemstone but treatment of gems occurs on very big level. Glass filling method is use for increase gem quality. Some astrologer believes that they are effective and some are not. Their price starts from 450/ carat to 2500/ carat.

Although 1200 per carat to 4500 per carat natural untreated Yellow Sapphire can be wear in place of Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire