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Yellow Topaz Stone


In Hindi it is also known as Peela Topaz. This gemstone is very beautiful and shiny yellow color stone. This is yellow Sapphire sub stone. Yellow Topaz mainly found in Russia, Ukraine and Brazil.

Scientific Structure:

These are mineral of aluminum and florin silicate. There color is decided by the present of element in them. Their hardness on Mohr scale is 8.

Vedic Astrology and Yellow Topaz:

According to Vedic Astrology Yellow Topaz is considered to planet Jupiter sub stone. Generally it is wear to get good benefit of Jupiter planet. People who cannot wear Yellow Sapphire are suggested to wear Yellow Topaz. If a real natural Yellow Topaz is wear then their effect is similar to Yellow Sapphire.

Western Astrology and Yellow Topaz:

According to western Astrology this is stone of November month. It is wear to have good family relation.

Who can wear:

Due to good effect of Yellow Topaz everyone can wear it with giving second thought. If one suffer from Jupiter Mahadasha or Antardasha and he not allow to wear Yellow Sapphire according to birth chart than Yellow Topaz is best alternative. People related to religious work, people who recite religious text, physician, doctor, if wear this stone than their social prestige increase exponentially.

If girls not getting their suitable life partner, or any dispute in family life and hurdles in social work than one can get real benefit of this gemstone. Any person who is not able to wear Yellow Sapphire and still want get Jupiter’s good result than Yellow Topaz is best alternative for them.

What weight should wear:

Yellow Topaz is very effective gemstone therefore astrologer asks to wear 10th part of body weight. But one should wear not less than 5.25 ratti of real Yellow Sapphire stone.

Precaution before purchase of Yellow Topaz:

Benefit of Yellow Topaz:

Yellow Topaz wears to get good benefit of Lord Jupiter.

Social Prestige:

Jupiter is entitled to prestige and wearer of Yellow Topaz is gain social prestige. People listen you and follow your words. Always stand with you and never denied your words.

Relation with High Official:

You will be known by high officials by wearing Yellow Topaz. You will be welcomed by every big area.

Spiritual Pleasure:

Wearing Jupiter stone person tend towards spiritual things. Little effort will lead one towards spiritual pleasure. He will involve in spread knowledge and text of spiritual.

Balance Lifestyle:

Wearer of Yellow Topaz always concern about their image in other mind. Therefore they will do every right thing in their life so everyone can follow him.

Healthy body and Strong Digestion:

It is said that health will be better if stomach is fine. Jupiter planer is related to our stomach. Wearing Jupiter planet stone i.e. Yellow Topaz, problem related to stomach will far away. They are also helpful in removing lifestyle disease.

Positive Life:

After wearing Real Yellow Topaz person read to come out from physical word, he only thinks about his prestige and kindness. This will carry his life toward meaningful task.

Yellow Topaz on the Basis of Genesis:

Brazilian Yellow Topaz is very beautiful. Their prices range from 400 per carat to 3000 per carat. Rest other topaz in not demand therefore they are not present in market.