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3 Mukhi Rudraksha Pendant

Origin Himalayan
Shape & Size Ellipse Like
Certification Yes
Metal Silver
Energized Yes
Shipping 4-5 Days
Customer Care 6390108101



Three Face Rudraksha or 3 mukhi rudraksha represent fire or agni. Nepali 3 mukhi rudraksha known to have most effective for this purpose but Indonesian also have same effect. As it represent fire which is pure form of matter like fire burn everything and still hold its quality. So wearer of 3 mukhi rudraksha will always pure from sin if he committed in past life.

Three mukhi rudraksha represent lord Agni and planet mars. Wearer of this rudraksha will be more energetic and away from laziness. Person who seek their future in armed forces and any work related to physical strength this rudraksha boon for them.

Planet- Mars

Lord – Agni

Chant - ऊं क्‍लीं नम:

Zodiac- aries and scorpio

Wearing Day- tuesday


  • Person suffering from stress, instability of thoughts, and who easily influenced should wear 3 mukhi rudraksha.
  • One who faces self hatred and mental strain, low self esteem, should wear abhimantrit 3 mukhi rudraksha.
  • Person who seek their life in forces, defense, army police, one who serve for public like politics must wear 3 mukhi rudraksha.
  • According to padam puran this rudraksha known to have power to solve all problems in life and brings in success.
  • 3 mukhi rudraksha beneficial for children occasionally suffer from fever.
  • Three mukhi rudraksha known to have power to cure disorder like, blood pressure, diabetes, fever, defects of eyes, ailment of stomach even in cancer.

Who Can Wear:-

  • Anyone can wear 3 Mukhi rudraksha who suffer malefic effect of  mars.
  • People suffering from any disease, weakness, laziness should wear three mukhi rudraksha. This rudrksha also helpful in skin disease.
  • Children should wear at least 3 bead of 3 mukhi rudrakhsa for their effect.
  • Children below 6 years can wear 1 bead for their wellness.

Wearing method :-

Three mukhi rudraksha should always wear after ritual process of energization. Energization of 3 Mukhi rudraksha done after recite of mantra related to planet mars.

How can wear:-

This rudraksha can be wear as single bead, or in silver pendent. 3 mukhi rudraksha also wear as rudrkasha mala.

Complete wearing procedure send with 3 mukhi rudrakhsa.

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