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6 Mukhi Rudraksha Pendant

Origin Nepali
Shape & Size Ellipse Like
Certification Yes
Metal Silver
Energized Yes
Shipping 4-5 Days
Customer Care 6390108101



Six face Rudrakhsa or 6 mukhi Rudrakhsa is only rudrakhsa who directly related to give materialistic pleasure along with self confidence to cope up any situation in common life. Original 6 mukhi rudraksha is highly effective because it considered that it is blessed with Lord Kartikey.

Lord kartikey was born to ganga. And lord shiva and parvati endorsed him with knowledge, power, wealth etc. Wearer of Six Mukhi Rudraksha blessed with all thing which is essential to live with power and luxury.

The controlling planet of this rudrakhsha is Planet Venus, which is also signify luxury, pleasure and comfort in life.

Planet- Venus

Lord – Kartikey

Chant - ऊं ह्रीं नम:

Zodiac- Venus and Libra

Wearing Day- Friday


  • If you want make yourself fearless, intellect, increase you confidence improve communication skills. Nepali 6 mukhi rudraksha is considered as boon.

  • 6 mukhi rudraksha good for people who want materialistic things, like own house, vehicles, and worldly things.

  • Godess Laxmi blesses wearer of 6 mukhi rudrakhsa.

  • 6 mukhi rudraksha belive to cure all kind of mental disease and failure of organ even cure cancer.

  • Six mukhi rudraksha also useful in urinary problem, eye related disease and sexual problem.

  • Couple who expecting baby can wear 6 mukhi rudraksha along with gauri Shankar rudraksha to conceive a brilliant baby.

Who can wear:-

  • Person who suffering from malefic effect of planet venus should wear 6 mukhi rudraksha.

  • One who want improve their communication skills, phobia to interact people should wear 6 mukhi rudraksha.

  • Educators, creative artist, scientist involve in creative work should wear 6 mukhi rudraksha.

Wearing method :-

Six mukhi rudraksha should always wear after ritual process of energization. Energization of 6 Mukhi rudraksha done after recite of mantra related to planet mercury.

How can wear:-

This rudraksha can be wear as single bead, or in silver pendent. 6 mukhi rudraksha also wear as rudrkasha mala.

Complete wearing procedure send with 6 mukhi rudrakhsa.

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