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Red Coral Italian 5.75 Carat

Origin Italian
Shape & Size Capsule
Certification Yes
Metal NA
Energized Yes
Shipping 4-5 Days
Customer Care 7007012255



In Hindi it is also known as Moonga. Mars is related planet to Coral which is also known as God Of War planet. Mars planet symbolize energy and power. This beautiful red color stone found as vegetation in ocean. Apart from red color it is also found in orange and pink color.

Scientific structure:

This is only stone which is organic in character. And is come under gemstone because it possess it own self life. It is come under family Corallidae of Animalia group. Coral is very strong and hard gemstone.

Vedic Astrology and Coral:

Coral is stone of planet Mars according to Vedic Astrology. It is wear for good result of Planet Mars. Mars is known as leader of all planets. Therefore this is associated with leadership, power and determination in any work.

If you want to see yourself leader in your life like a prime minister in a war, then this stone is very much suitable for you.

This Coral stone is stone of rouge Planet and show their positive or negative effect instantly. So it is mandatory to consult with best astrologer before wear red coral.

Western Astrologer and Coral:

According to western astrology coral gemstone comes under Libra Zodiac sign. This is considering a nature gemstone due to its organic in nature. This stone known to keep stable and peace mind and introduce wearer to real world.

Who can wear:

Coral gemstone belong to planet Mars and it symbolize energy and fire. Therefore person who in commanding post he should wear for maintain concentration and unity. This gemstone develops ability of leadership and makes their nature effective.

If ones birth chart under influence of Mahadasha or Antardasha of Planet Mars then Coral stone effective and advise to wear.

If in your birth chart Planet Mars is in good house still you not getting beneficial effect of that planet then you should wear Coral Gemstone.

What weight of Coral should wear:

Coral is effective gemstone therefore some astrologer advice to wear 12th part of body weight or some suggest 10th part of body weight. According to astrological science it is advisable that Coral should wear more then 5.25 Ratti. Apart from that if coral is very high quality then at least 5.25 ratti Coral should wear.

Precaution Before purchase Coral Stone:

  • If you want to wear Coral for astrological benefit then you should consult any experience astrologer before buying.

  • Always purchase Authentic Lab Certified Coral. One should check before buying name, address, and contact no. of Lab mention or not.

  • Before purchase coral you should do little research about type of coral because market is filled with different type of coral. Hence it necessary to know what type of Coral you want to purchase.

  • Typical confusion occurs before purchasing Coral for his Price. Some are Cheap and some are very precious. In such situation make your own budget for Coral and go for according to you set budget.

  • If you are purchasing Coral online then take a look return policy and replacement policy on particular website, and also check sample certificate.

  • It is advisable before click “Online Buy Coral” tab talk to customer care of particular website and then make your mind to purchase.

Benefits of Coral:

Coral is very effective and give you result early then your expectation only if purchase after consultation with experienced astrologer.

Leadership Quality:

Mars is responsible for leadership. A person is successful leader if Mars is strong in their birth chart and responsible for giving good result. These people are mass leader and all people follow them or their ideology. If you have job like team leader then Coral is must wear stone for you.

Force and Paramilitary Force:

If you want to be part of such job where physical strength is much needed element like force, army etc. then you should definitely wear Coral stone. Because it will make Mars planet strong and chances will strong to get into such job.

Land and Construction:

Land and construction work come under direct influence of mars planet. If you want to a successful land broker or corporate then Coral stone is must wear stone for you.

Work Related to Fire:

Mars is responsible for fire, but such fire which is useful for common people. Likewise hotel kitchen is related to planet Mars, fire brigade work is related to planet Mars, and success for many work related to this Coral is essential and beneficial stone.

For Health:

Planet Mars is associated with both energy and fire, therefore coral balance the temperature of wearer. And make body healthy, disease free all the time.

Genesis of Coral:

Coral found in Italy, India and Japan. Italian Coral is mostly available in market. Indian coral which is also called Local Coral is seldom available. And Japanese Coral is very costly.

Italy Coral:

It is look like tomato red. And their trade is maximally occurring. Astrologically effective this coral begin from Rupee 500/ ratti and goes upto Rupee 20000/- ratti or more then that. Coral price increases with increase their weight. Triangle Coral normally two to three times higher than normal Coral.

Japanese Coral:

These Coral are most beautiful Coral and their size round or oval. They price start from Rupee 2000/carat to upto Rupee 30000/carat or more then that. Japanese Coral look light saffron in color.

Indian Coral:

These look like complete saffron in color. This is also more costly then Italian Coral. Their Price started from rupee 1200/ carat and goes upto Rupee 50000/ carat or more than that.

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