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Emerald Ring: Gemini and Virgo

Origin Zambia
Shape & Size Free Size
Certification Yes
Metal PanchDhatu
Energized Yes
Shipping 4 to 5
Customer Care 9335022547




Gemini and Virgo zodiac sign ruling planet is mercury. And Emerald ring is related to planet Mercury. One who want to good effect of planet mercury he/she wear energize Emerald Ring.

Planet Mercury pious planet, it increase power of thinking multifold. Due to effect of this person become quick witted.

One will never down there in life if Planet Mercury in good position in birth chart.

Emerald stone can be wear any yellow metal. Shubhgehana will send you this ring in Panchdhatu.

Who can wear:

  • It is luck enhancing and increase job opportunity for zodiacs of Gemini and Virgo. Therefore people belong to this zodiac sign should wear.
  • If one going through antardasha or mahadasha of Mercury must wear emerald ring.
  • If you are belong to field like computer, statistics, teaching, share market then you should definetly wear this stone.
  • If Astrologer suggest you to wear this after going through you birth chart then you should definitely wear this stone.

How to wear:-

  • Emerald Ring is wear PanchDhatu Metal, in Ring or in the form of Locket.
  • Before wearing Emerald Ring their energization process should be done, however Energization is not easy task.
  • Here in ShubhGehna we Energize under supervision of experienced Guru and Priest at sanctified time.

Every gemstone has specific time and day to wear and their complete benefit only get if we follow proper guideline. Likewise Emerald Ring also wears at defined time and day. Complete wearing method is send along with Emerald Ring

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