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Hessonite 5.65 ct original Certified

Origin Africa
Shape & Size Cushion
Certification Yes
Metal NA
Energized Yes
Shipping 4-5 Days
Customer Care 7007012255



In Hindi it is also known as Gomed. This stone is known to have character of Rahu Planet. Rahu considered to as rogue Planet hence one should consult with experienced astrologer before wearing Hessonite Stone.

Scientific Structure:

Hessonite belongs to Garnet group. Calcium and aluminum is found in its structure. On the basis of origin it brown red or yellow in color. In Hessonite Iron traces and manganese is also find which determine their color.

Vedic Astrology and Hessonite:

In Vedic Astrology Hessonite is not considered as complete planet. And therefore show partial effect. Rahu can deflect status of mind and thinking. And when astrologer finds that Rahu is not show their effect then they suggests wearing hessonite stone.

If one want to get rid habit of betting and gambling then Rahu Planet is consider as a region, therefore Hessonite is use as a cure for it.

Chances of getting sudden wealth are also depend on effect of Rahu. Therefore after looking through birth chart it is advice to wear Hessonite.

Western Astrology and Hessonite:

According to western astrology hessonite is consider to gemstone of January month. People who born in January month, this stone considered lucky for them. In Vedic Astrology Hessonite is known to cure blood loss in body and keep away negative energy.

Who can Wear:

Hessonite is stone of Rahu Planet, such people who faces Problem due to presence of Rahu Must wear Hessonite.

If Antardasha or Mahadasha is happening in Birth chart due to Rahu Planet then wearing Original Hessonite is beneficial.

What weight should wear:

Hessonite is very effective Gemstone. Astrologer suggest to wear 10th part of body weight. Astrological Science also said one should wear at least 5.25 ratti of Hessonite. If you have good quality hessonite you can wear lower weight also.

Precaution Before purchase Hessonite:

  1. If you want to wear Hessonite for astrological benefit then you should consult any experience astrologer before buying.
  2. Always purchase Authentic Lab Certified Hessonite. One should check before buying name, address, and contact no. of Lab mention or not.
  3. Before purchase coral you should do little research about type of Hessonite because market is filled with different type of Hessonite. Hence it necessary to know what type of Hessonite you want to purchase.
  4. Typical confusion occurs before purchasing Hessonite for his Price. Some are Cheap and some are very precious. In such situation make your own budget for Hessonite and go for according to you set budget.
  5. If you are purchasing Hessonite online then take a look return policy and replacement policy on particular website, and also check sample certificate.
  6. It is advisable before click “Online Buy Hessonite” tab talk to customer care of particular website and then make your mind to purchase.

Benefits of Hessonite:

Benefits of hessonite related to Rahu are Follows.

Increase in Concentration:

Rahu makes mind unsteady, if it allow to move into right direction then it become beneficial and give much concentration to achieve anything in life.

Increasing Prosperity:

Rahu is responsible for sudden wealth. Person whose Rahu is good then they know to how earn money without too much work. Such people earn lot from betting and gambling.

Loss of Fear:

Rahu diminish all fear. It dissolve all fear related to death. And person become fearless.

Diminish Fear Bad Soul:

Wearing hessonite remove all fear of bad soul.

Hessonite on the Basis of Genesis:

Market has specially three types of Hessonite.

Sri Lankan Hessonite: These are very expensive and beautiful. These hessonite transparent and seems like cow urine is filled in it. In Indian market it start from 1000/ carat and goes upto 100000/ Carat.

African Hessonite: These are light Brown in color and sometime look like wine in color. This African Hessonite in Indian market comes from 600/ carat to which goes upto 10000 / carat

Indian Hessonite: These looks like Dark black in color but when you see it through light it looks like red in color. Some astrologist considers it more effective due to less in prize its marketing is not as above two. Its prize start from 200/ carat and goes upto 7000 per carat.

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